Featured Work

My work in Accessibility, Civic Tech and Creative Technology.

Visual Doorbell

An NYU Entrepreneurs Lab Prototype Fund Finalist, Visual Doorbell is a wifi-enabled light device adapted for deaf users. This adaptive doorbell is a project my team and I co-designed with Mariella Paulino, who is also a passionate maker for the deaf community.

3D Printed Light Doorbell and a switch made of Arduino feather huzzah component


EmojiSpeak is a platform that attempts to expose how emoji is currently interpreted on screenreaders, through a text-to-speech message board simulator; and a community-driven emoji dictionary to mitigate its visual inequity on the web.

Emojispeak challenges a highly visual culture by using principles of accessibility, and how emoji can pose visual inequity.


Social community site for women in tech that provides career-building resources including events, classes and scholarships. I’ve worked with a front-end developer to create the user flow and interface design of a membership site.

Femmecubator homepage with a headline that says, “Hey Girl, Get Connected!”