Desktop User Experience

Frontier Health: A MedTech Marketplace

Frontier Health is an early stage startup that has an online global marketplace. FH connects MedTech innovators to over 200 Healthcare providers in Sub-saharan Africa.

Our goal is to develop a seamless on-boarding experience that features the business value proposition to increase user acquisition on the supply side of the business (Medtech device innovators).

Project Role: User Flow Map, Wireframe Sketches, Prototype

Duration: 1.5 months

UX Team Members: Ahad Basravi, Ariella Chivil, Riri Nagao, Krizia Fernando

Version 1: Automated Onboarding Process

The team got together within the first week to understand the service touch points of Frontier Health. How does the user first interact with the product/service and where does it begin and end?


Competitive Analysis

Initially we were looking at existing marketplace B2B products that both service supply and demand, such as Airbnb and Ebay. The automated process of onboarding is our first user flow on how FH will be interacting with customers online.

Combining both the business requirements information we have collected after interviewing stakeholders, we started with whiteboard sketches to map out main features on the site, and have generated our first wireframe.

Early Wireframes

UX Writing

In the process of refining the messaging of the site, we have researched how popular business landing pages communicate to their customer. One perfect example is Uber, which has a very straightforward and simple copywriting.

Refining the persona through continued testing

Our user interviews revealed two types of users: (1) our early stage med-tech startup CEO and (2) an operations lead for a later stage startup.

Version 2: An Authentic/High Touch Approach

From our first design review with the Product Manager and the client, we have gathered different types of feedback which were very insightful and have contributed to the final redesign of the prototype.

What we learned:

  • Overall tone feels too simple; “Can they work with complex, clinical devices like mine?
  • “Markers of legitimacy” on landing page are important
  • Easy to understand at high level, but needs specific details; “How does it actually work?”
  • Would only commit to phone call after; “How small is this operation? Can they ship volume?

Final Prototype


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